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Learn Wing Chun Online – Wing Chun Training Videos

Want To Learn Wing Chun – But Don’t Know Where To Start? Don’t Have A Credible Wing Chun Teacher To Learn From? Want to Take Your Training To the Next Level?

Ultimate MMA Strength qrcode

Ultimate MMA Strength – The Ultimate Mma Strength And Conditioning Program

The Internet’s #1 Workout Program For Mma / Mixed Martial Arts.How Top Fighters SURGE Into The Cage With
Unrelenting POWER and Endless CARDIO with Just 2 Short Workouts Per Week.

Street Fighting Uncaged qrcode

Street Fighting Uncaged

WANTING To Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones Is One Thing – Knowing HOW To Be A “Protector” When You’re Unarmed & Outnumbered Is Another!

Renegade Mind Set For Fighters qrcode

Renegade Mind Set For Fighters

Discover the Secret to Crippling Your Opponent’s Focus with a Glance, Hannibal Lector-Style Calm in Fights and the Underground Techniques for Triggering Match-Dominating Aggression at Will

Renegade Mind Set For Fighters

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Workouts For Judo

The Only Ebook On The Market That Is Designed Specifically For Judo. These Workouts Helped Me Become An Olympian.

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Street Combat Training – Street Combat Self-defense Jiu Jitsu Video Course

WHILE YOU CAN easily find common self defense and sport based Brazilian Jiu-jitsu schools, certain elite police and military personel were taught a “military grade” version of the system. Little known outside of the few underground academies that specialized in it, “Military Grade” BJJ is truly the most complete and effective system of self defense known to man.
This lethal street version of Brazilian jiu-jitsu is hybridized with Combat Sambo (the once closely guarded Russian military hand to hand system of the old Soviet union) This system is used by Robert LeRuyet personally in real life self-defense encounters and is used to train his students who include soldiers of the Afghan war and the Canadian version of the Navy Seals.

- Professor Robert LeRuyet
Founder of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Canada
Black Belt – Russian Military Jiu Jitsu
Muay Thai Trained in Holland
30+ Years Martials Arts Training
20+ Years Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA Training

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